From traditional to bespoke through to love festivals…

MCM Catering can cater for your wedding or engagement party at your chosen destination. Alternatively come and take a peek at the magnificent Mansfield House in Maitland – a wedding venue with historic charm and stunning backdrops.

Dine, dance, laugh and create unforgettable moments.

Sprawling green lawns, an opulent heritage listed building , tree-lined gardens and light-filled event rooms all create spectacular canvases on which to paint your wedding masterpiece.

Host your wedding within the luxurious grand ball room, on the expansive old world veranda or with stars overhead and your toes nestling into the lush lawns. There is no greater reason to celebrate than love!


Meet your perfect match – have us cater for your wedding
MCM Catering 


Pre and Post Wedding Deliveries

MCM Catering offers before and after catering services to really top off your wedding.

We deliver catering to you the night before, brunch or lunch the next day (and of course can cater for your big day in between!)

Post Wedding Brunch


Bbq Lunch


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